The best app for freelancers to manage customers, invoices and bookkeeping.


When i started to freelance one of my biggest struggles was to find a good app to manage customers, invoices and bookkeeping. It had to be a local solution in order to work with the swiss qr-code billing system and to follow local tax filing laws for the self-employed.

I looked at all the existing apps on the market but they were either not catered towards freelancers but more for small businesses that require double-entry accounting. Or they were really using really outdated technology and had bad UI/UX.

But then i discovered MILKEE. It was a new app that was just released and it was exactly what i was looking for. It is software made in Zurich, has great UI/UX and is catered towards freelancers. I was so impressed and excited that i reached out to the founder and developer Nicolas and asked if he needed help with the app.


I've built some of the new features on the new version, parts of the dashboard and tagging system.

Milkee Webapp


I've created the following poster for a print campaign. I used blender and photoshop.

Milkee Poster


Most of my time though i've invested in developing a native app for IOS and Android using React Native with expo.

The app is not yet available on the App Store but it is nearly finished and to be released soon. I will update this post once it is available.

Milkee App